Creative Video Production

At Method, creative video production is what we thrive on. And well-developed messages, strong storytelling and creative ideas are at the forefront of our work to produce your video and communications content. Our services include Creative, Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production spanning all manner of videos: Live, Animated, Promotional, Corporate, Recruitment, and Training.

For us, creative video production is a fun and exciting journey, that we want you to enjoy too. At the beginning of this journey we like to get to know you and your company, so we can understand your company culture and values. We can then let our creative ideas flow and offer you options and encourage discussion to help our collaboration take off. It’s not just about any idea though, we set our sights on the right creative idea.

The creative process will encompass planning how your video content will be used and where. We look at how your content can be used across multiple social media platforms to give you more return for your investment. We work to any requirements from a single video to a series of videos to be used across a longer period of time to compliment you marketing and communications plan.

Video content is king and the web is crammed with content, all vying for attention. We create that perfect idea, the one that will set you apart, the one that allows you to influence, engage and connect. The one that stands you out from the rest.

Pre- Production

Thorough video production planning is the key to running a smooth shoot and sticking to your budget. Our pre-production process ensures every aspect of your shoot is planned perfectly, and communicated to you, so you are fully informed. We will create schedules and project plans to ensure that everyone is sure of where they need to be and when.

We arrange all relevant permits and licences before any filming takes place. We also have experience of filming overseas so if your video shoot is abroad we can organise fixers, carnets, local crew and visas if needed.

Storyboards and scripts
We don’t pick up a camera until we can be sure that you are going to love what we film. We create scripts in collaboration with you and the film contributors, and we storyboard every aspect of the film. It’s the best way to share our vision for your films with you and to give you the opportunity to influence the style and content.

Storyboards also ensure our production team can execute the vision for your film effectively and smoothly. It helps us to ensure we don’t overshoot, making the edit more efficient, focused on what matters and therefore better value for money for you.

We have some great examples of storyboards from our previous films here.

Video Production

Whatever your project, when it comes to the nitty gritty of filming days you can rest assured that everything will run smoothly thanks to all the leg work our pre-production team put in prior to shooting.

Our highly skilled camera operators, lighting engineers, directors, producers and runners have one goal in mind: to do the best they can for you to ensure that your video content is nothing short of stunning.

We take care of you and your contributors on shoot days. We are very proud of our ability to put even the most nervous contributors at ease, to make sure that we get the best performance from all involved.

Post Production

Once location filming is complete we’ll head back to our post-production studio to complete the picture. We use the best broadcast quality editing software to craft your films. Post production a hugely important part of the process which impacts on the overall success of a film – it’s where all the ideas, planning and filming come together to culminate in the most creative stage.

We have a highly organised and standardised workflow to ensure our processes are efficient, leaving us free to get creative and make you a beautiful video. We make sure all filmed footage is ingested and stored in a safe manner.

We edit using either the Adobe creative suite or Avid, depending on the project. Avid allows us to share projects within our team so that a number of our editors can work on the same project simultaneously. This is a tried and tested process that works extremely well for larger projects.

By knowing and understanding the editorial inside and out our team of trusted editors will create your films with empathy. We pinpoint the take-home messages that are essential to your audience to create highly engaging films.

Colour Grading
Grade your films beautifully! We use Da Vinci’s excellent Resolve colour grading system to bring your films to life and create the look and feel that reflect your brand. It’s often quite difficult to explain exactly how much of a difference a professional colour grade makes to a film. With that in mind have a look at the film below which shows film ‘before’ and ‘after’ a grade. After watching this we don’t think you’ll take much convincing!

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