King Edward VI High School for Girls


KEHS needed a short film that captured and promoted the ethos and culture of the school, that could be shown to prospective students and parents and feature on their website. The narrative had to demonstrate how the beautiful school has the capacity to transform the lives of the bright, multi-talented girls who attend from a range of backgrounds.

An Individual Approach

This film had to show that KEHS embraces individuality in a unique way, nurturing aspirations and skills, allowing every girl to reach their full potential. It needed to be more than a film of talking heads in order to showcase the very best of the school, its beautiful facilities and talented students.

Clear and Stylish Message

Our idea was to present a series of snapshots featuring students showcasing the diverse benefits of attending KEHS, using aspirational key phrases spoken directly to camera by girls inspired, excited and transformed by their time at the school. The pieces to camera are accompanied by stylised shots of active, happy, confident girls around the school and we kept production values high and used sound to enhance the overall feel of the film and the stunning location. The finished two minute film features on the front page of the KEHS website and we’ve since been commissioned to produce more materials for the school.

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