Matrix Housing are a unique co-operative providing affordable housing and health and social care services. Matrix approached Method to create a film to tell their story in presentations, pitches and as an online sales tool.

Audiences & Platforms

In line with the brief, the film was specifically designed for the following audiences:

  1. In person, pitches & presentations
  2. On stand at Housing 2018 (the UK’s largest housing conference)
  3. Online

As these were wide and varied audience segments we produced a short, simple and easy to follow film that was eye-catching, driven by music and featuring on-screen animated text designed in post-production. This film needed to convey to potential customers the ethos, process and potential of the partnership. We decided to use text and iconography so that customers were not required to listen to lengthy interviews or voiceover to understand key messages or where headphones.


We know the market for exhibition videos well and our creative decisions proved beneficial to the client – Matrix reported that people were ‘sucked in’ and watched until the end, prompting them to seek out more information from the team at Housing 2018. Exhibition stand films and social media films require similar characteristics – short, engaging, clear messaging. Cutting down from the main film to social media shorts was therefore a relatively simple process that worked well, was cost effective for our client, and resulted in good levels of online engagement.

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