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Since the beginning of the year the Method team have been discussing how we can be more generous as a company. We recognise that existing and potential clients aren’t always in the position to commission professional video services, that many agencies and cultural organisations require staff to shoot behind the scenes footage on phones, or capture promotional content using the office DSLR. And we’re often asked for advice along these lines.

A New Series of Tutorials

With this in mind we decided to collaborate with friend and colleague Chris Brooker on a series of tutorials to help you make better videos. Chris has been working with us at Method in Motion since 2014. His film work has taken him around the world and his videos have been seen by millions. He’s extremely talented. You’d think he was born with a camera in his hand!

With a plan agreed we got to work, building the web page (thanks Big Cat!) and editing the tutorials.

And then, the global pandemic hit us!

No Better Time to be Generous

Like all small businesses, we’ve had a lot to contend with. Safeguarding the team and contracted freelancers was top of our list, alongside managing our client obligations and finances. Some of us are able to continue with motion graphics, animation and pre/post production work. Some are now full-time parenting, some self-isolating, some are helping out in their community and most are doing all of the above!

And in the middle of all this we think there’s no better time to be generous. The middle of a crisis is absolutely the time to give, to share, to collaborate, to help and to support.

So this month we launch our new series of video tutorials. They will not cure coronavirus. But you have to play to your strengths. And we know video. These films will help you make better content for your organisation. Chris will teach you some useful techniques and show you how to plan, shoot and edit professional looking videos using a variety of tools that you probably already have access to.

If you find yourself with some extra time on your hands, use it to learn a new skill or improve your knowledge.

Most of all, stay safe.

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