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Chris Brooker has been working with us at Method in Motion since 2014. We love having him on shoots and so do our clients. He’s super cool under pressure and extremely talented, having honed his craft over many years. Heck, we often say that Chris was born with a camera in his hand!

Chris’s film work has taken him around the world and his videos have been seen by millions. Method is incredibly proud to have him on board to present this series of tutorial films.

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Are these films for me?

Yes! We know that many of our clients, particularly in agencies or cultural organisations, have staff shooting bits of behind the scenes footage on phones, or capturing content to promote their company using the office DSLR. These tutorials are designed to help YOU make better content for your organisation and will show you how to plan, shoot and edit professional looking films using a variety of tools and techniques.

If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Phone Transitions

Love filming content on your iPhone? Here’s Chris with some handy hints on how to create in phone transitions. Jump from one shot to the next without the need for keyframes and minimal post production!

Phone Timelapse

Want to up your time lapse game using an iPhone? Chris shows us how to make the most of your iPhone, sharing his tips for the best apps and settings to improve your time-lapse photography. Don’t rely on the standard iPhone settings – there’s so much more you can do. In this week’s tutorial Chris shows us how!


Whether you are filming an interview on your phone’s camera, a DSLR, or a Sony FS7, here’s our top tips for success. These tips are common knowledge inside the industry but if it’s your first time filming an interview and you’re not sure how to approach it, Chris’s quick tutorial will give you the confidence to impress.

IGTV Vertical Video

So you’ve listened to the experts and shot your video in landscape format, but now you need it to be portrait for Insta. What to do? Don’t panic! In this short post production video Chris teaches us how to resize your video for Instagram TV. Watch and learn!

Flip Your Videos

In this short tutorial Chris shows us how to use basic Premiere Pro features to flip or rotate your videos. This easy tutorial is handy if you want to create your own transitions or want to brush up on your knowledge of Adobe After Effects.

6 Mistakes to Avoid

We all make mistakes when we’re starting out but with our handy tutorial here’s six simple mistakes you can avoid. In this week’s tutorial Chris covers common film fixes: Headroom, White Balance, Frame Rate and much more!

Crop Video

This week’s tutorial is a post production lesson on how to crop a video. Cropping, together with resizing, is a simple way to remove any unwanted fingers at the side of frames! Learn how to crop in Adobe Premiere Pro in less than 3 minutes!

Facebook Cover Video

This week’s tutorial does what it says on the tin! How to reformat your video content to create the perfect sized Facebook cover video. Over to you Chris…


B-roll? GVs? Cutaways? Common terms if you’re a filmmaker. Confusing jargon for everyone else. In this week’s tutorial Chris demystifies these terms and lets you in on a few trade secrets. How to make the most of those tricky interviews with cleverly captured B-roll, sorry, overlay…oh just watch the tutorial!

How to take amazing photos with your phone

This week’s tutorial is a tutorial on how to take amazing photos with your phone. 

One Simple Tip For Awesome Videos

This week’s tutorial does what it says on the tin! Over to you Chris…

Learn the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro

Learn the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro with Chris Brooker.

How to export videos for YouTube

This week’s tutorial explains how to export videos for YouTube. 

How to export GIF’s from Adobe Premiere Pro

This week’s tutorial does what it says on the tin! Over to you Chris…

Focal length Explained

Chris Brooker explains focal length.

How to create Cinematic Videos on your Phone

This week’s tutorial explains how to create cinematic videos on your phone. 

Top 10 tips for Beginner Filmmakers

Here’s top 10 tips for beginner filmmakers. Over to you Chris…

Top Phone Apps for Creators

Here’s some top phone apps for creators.

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