Tower Hamlets Council


Tower Hamlets Council’s Public Health Team were producing a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment on Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and commissioned Method to create an accessible animation highlighting key findings.

The Challenge

The final strategy document produced by the council was understandably long and detailed so the challenge on this project was to capture all of the important information and key findings in a two minute film, ensuring the tone was warm and friendly whilst still being informative.

How We Achieved Success

We worked with Tower Hamlets to decide on the style of animation best suited to the project (including tone, brand guidelines, colour palette and font styles) and created a script together that sounded conversational, with a flow and pace to suit the animation. We storyboarded the film initially and then recorded a guide voice over for our animator to work with. Once the client was happy, we recorded a professional voice over artist. The client’s preference was for a young person to voice the film, and we were able to work with them to source suitable candidates. We also embedded captions into the animated design so that viewers could choose to watch with sound on or off.

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