University College Birmingham


UCB required one 60-90 second film aimed at prospective students. The film needed to drive home the message that choosing a future career is about following your passion, not the crowds, and how UCB offers a vibrant and supportive environment, with exceptional teaching, that attracts students from around the world.

The Message is Key

UCB had a number of key messages that the film had to nail in order for it to be successful.

  • UCB is a young vibrant university. As a smaller institution it’s like being part of one big family.
  • UCB focuses on exceptional teaching and learning as well as building strong relationships with industry.
  • UCB may be small in size but it attracts students from all over the world.

Our proposal was to reflect all of these key ideas in one short, clear and stylised film using a series of snapshots of students showcasing different aspects of university life.

Style and Substance

We chose a number of key phrases to create the snapshots:

1) I  found my inspiration

2) I found my voice

3) I found my family

4) I found my passion

5) I found my future

We found current and ex-students whose lives were transformed by their time at UCB and filmed on campus to show the full diversity of courses on offer.

Our 5 person crew shot predominantly in a ‘hand-held’ style using the Sony FS7 and stabilising kit to ensure that each shot was smooth, with movement and energy. And simple, stylish graphics gave an on-brand look throughout.

Added Value

We love helping clients get the most from their budget and so we ensured that the film could be split into shorter segments to be used individually across all platforms, with the option to expand individual stories.

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