The Skoll Foundation is a global supporter of the TEDx network of curators and conveners who are strengthening community and civic discourse in 170+ countries around the world. In October 2017 The Skoll Foundation were looking for a partner to put on a world class TEDx in Oxford. When the Skoll team approached the TED team in New York to ask who should run a Skoll TEDx event in the UK, they put them in touch with the brilliant team at TEDxBrum who in turn invited us to run the livestream and post edit.

We have covered a number of TEDx events over the past few years but this was a belter! We were fortunate that the talk above, by Deborah Lipstadt, was chosen by TED to be circulated on TED.com and has since picked up nearly 1.5million views. The event provided a significant challenge to the team due to the venues lack of infrastructure. The beautiful Grade 1 listed building, part of the university, didn’t lend itself to hundreds of metres of cable and multiple cameras. On a limited budget and with a day to prep we rigged up a five camera system.

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