We joined forces with Birmingham based communications agency Clarity Comms to create a live social media game show for leading Beer brand Hobgoblin. The show was filmed in front of specially invited live audience in a transformed Highbury Hall and live streamed directly to the brand’s Facebook page.

Together with Clarity Comms we handled all aspects of the live show; script development, casting, locations and decor. Method were solely responsible for all the technical elements including internet connectivity, power distribution, staging & lighting. We were delighted to work again with the skilled crew at Urban Audio who provided staging, lighting and audio support throughout the show.


This was a complicated project with numerous challenges we would need to overcome to produce a high end live show. Not least of these was the interactive element which we incorporated into a number of the ‘live’ games. Online viewers were able to play a part in the show through interactions with the host fed directly to him from the team in the gallery. This included choosing competitors to eat at a specially designed ‘Halloween Banquet’. An escape room where online viewers fed the players ‘helps or hinders’. If they failed they would be locked in for the remainder of the show. (They failed!) The venue itself although perfect in many respects to create the look and feel of the fictional ‘Hobgoblin Inn’ was lacking in Infrastructure. With no internet connectivity and nowhere near enough power available to meet our requirements we bought in 4G bonded functionality to ensure we could deliver the livestream and power generators to ensure there were no power cuts!

The Outcome

The Halloween Game Show reached an audience of over 240,000 consumers with over 133,000 views of the show. A further 25,000 fans commented, shared or liked the content. Clarity Comms co-founder Jason Navon commented “We knew the campaign was a strong idea that would depend on the execution. HTF were the perfect choice to help us deliver this innovative project. The results were fantastic and show that brands can create high value content and find strong audiences at a fraction of the cost of traditional media options. We were delighted to work with Clarity to create this fantastic show for Hobgoblin. To the end user it was a fabulous hour of entertainment and results are a testament to the creative expertise across both our agencies.

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