We were very proud to work with Grand Central and Big Cat on these fantastic videos for social media. On one day in April our crew set out with Big Cat and the Grand Central team to find out exactly what makes the people of Birmingham happy.

The outcome

Two short happy videos for a social media campaign. Grand Central is often linked to moments of happiness – people catching up with friends, shopping experiences, birthday celebrations. We think you can safely say that the end results show what a happy bunch us Brummies are! The video campaign was launched by Grand Central at a time when Birmingham was recently ranked higher for quality of living than popular international locations such as Hong Kong, Miami and Dubai. Grand Central really wanted to find out whats at the heart of this happiness. Filmed on the Sony FS7 we came up with the chalkboard idea to get people to really think about what makes them happy. The chalkboard was a great visual way of getting the happy message across to the viewer. We knew that our punters would take more time to think about the answer if they had to write it down. This in turn gave us more time to capture the look on their face as they reflected back to happy moments in their lives. Capturing these moments was the all important part of the brief. It’s also important for the viewer to be in that moment with the contributor, if they are going to get a real feel for what makes that contributor happy. Using slow motion filming techniques enabled us to capture those fleeting glances and moments of reflection, expressions that would usually be to quick to capture using standard filming techniques. Our crew all reported feeling exceptionally happy on this shoot and came back to the office beaming! That can only be a good thing, more please!

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