Tropic Skincare, ‘The Glammies’


The huge bi-annual ‘Glammies’ awards ceremony for Tropic Skincare is a full on extravaganza. Colour, costume, choreography, and sooo much energy! We always look forward to a Tropics brief because we get to work out how to best contribute to that energy. The events feature in-the-round staging, full band, dance routines, glitter cannons, and very crazy costumes. We get to add gigantic graphics for the big screens and we absolutely love it.

Video Content

Method were invited by CPL AV to provide Video Content Support to the event again last year, working as part of a wider team supporting Pandora Events to deliver a fantastic full day long motivational event and sales conference held in Hall 4 at the NEC.

Each event has its own theme whether that’s ‘Carnival of Colour’ or “Tropics Rocks’.

What were we asked to do for this latest one, the ‘Disco’? 

Tropic Skincare wanted us to create bespoke video content that would reflect the excitement and tone of the Glammies.  Above is what we produced for them. 

Recognition Animations

Around 50 animation slides with names, intros and congratulations for 16 categories of award.

Three bespoke music videos

These were the big hitters.  Part of the fun of working these events is the often very specific challenges – not least the crazy aspect ratios of the screens and the long durations (up to 10 minutes) of the content required. We scoured the internet for fitting stock footage that reflected the creative director’s mood-board. We supplemented footage with on brand text colour and animations, layering it all perfectly so that it fits the required (and unusual!) aspect ratio. We’re always thinking about how we can do more – and in this event we used the 360 screen to its full advantage, making the visuals spin so less footage was required but very high visual impact was achieved.

On site video editing/graphics support, VO records and last minute tinkering!

While this was slightly less fun last year than usual given that the pandemic was just hitting our shores, we still relished putting our on-site, last minute editing skills to the test responding to the creative director’s changes during dress and technical rehearsals.  

Seeing a true extravaganza come together is always exhilarating.  Being asked to play such an integral part in the visual production on multiple occasions has proven our capabilities in this area and continues to be a real joy.

We have worked with Method in Motion for several years, on our large-scale events. They always hit the brief for us. And are a great team to have on our suppliers list. Knowing we have their support pre and post event is a great comfort.

Lee GruszeckyjDirector of Events – CPL AV

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