We were asked to create a series of films about CloudThing to showcase the culture, mission statement and overall ethos of the company. The films were timed for CloudThing’s new brand launch and were designed for an audience of potential clients who are interested in CloudThing and want to find out more.


The CloudThing team were keen to seek out clients who have a similar ethos and culture as CloudThing. The films were required to act as a tool to showcase the culture behind the company and engage people who share their ethos.

Diverse Rules and Geography

CloudThing are multinational with offices in the UK and a 60 strong workforce in Bangalore, India. CloudThing wanted us to film in both locations but ensure that there was no differentiation between the teams apparent in the films. They are one family and were keen to dispel any of the myths often associated with off-shoring of talent.

The Outcome

The brand is clear.  The seamless depiction of the two offices in very different locations and the sense of the company’s ‘family feel’ really comes through. Furthermore, the extent of work that they do (sometimes quite a dry subject) is given life and told from the perspective of the employees themselves. In testament to the success of the films, we have been re-commissioned to produce further films, one recently completed and more planned next year.  Our films were produced to sit on CloudThing’s new website and tie in with the new branding.

How We Achieved Success

CloudThing gave us unparalleled access to their teams in both India and the UK, because they knew when appointing us that they could trust us to be professional but accessible, to get on with their staff, and to get the best out of contributors. We spent time getting to know not just the management team but the staff too. This helped us to work out exactly who would work well on camera and by chatting to and getting to know the teams we were able to uncover the team members who would be best placed to tell the CloudThing story across the organisation. We identified people, storyboarded and scripted their contributions and checked this off with senior management.  As a result, we and the client felt confident we were on the same page to deliver the right content and could go ahead and plan the shoot around this. Because the team trusted us to deliver a film that was on brand, engaging and relevant,  we were able to challenge and explore alternative routes to produce the best film. This included deviating from script where appropriate and including animation in the final film. The use of animation, we felt, was the most succinct way of incorporating all elements of the brand and quickly and succinctly explaining exactly what CloudThing do. By challenging their image of what was needed with our expertise about what would work, we produced a film that worked well and proved to be significantly more successful than the original brief would have delivered. Our ability to build rapport with the CloudThing team enabled us to put contributors at ease – they trusted us to help them deliver on camera. We are always keen to invite questions and concerns so that we can answer any questions that are arising and nip any nervousness in the bud!

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