After a period of intensive research and some tasty pitch writing we were successful in winning a commission to make three short online videos for eBay.

First, Win The Pitch!

The key to winning the pitch was to find a story that would resonate with the public and encourage people to sell their wares on eBay UK. Once we had found Spice Kitchen we knew their story was a winner: Sanjay’s retired mum Shashi was looking for a hobby to fill some of her spare time so he put one of her spice tins on eBay one Christmas to see what would happen. Little did they know that they would soon be inundated with orders! They now sell their spice tins by the lorryload and turnover 25k per year from eBay sales alone!

How We Achieved Success

eBay wanted three videos for online use; one 90 second film for use on Facebook and two cutdown versions –  a 30 second version for Twitter and a 15 second version for Instagram. We supplied all of the films with subtitle files so the story didn’t get lost, even if viewers were watching with the sound off, and the client also required a quick turnaround. From winning the brief to delivery took us just two weeks. We think these films are a perfect example of how stories can be a powerful tool for engaging audiences on social media.

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